After my wife Sandi recovered from major surgery in December 2015 we took a trip to the Cathedral of Our Blessed Mother of Guadalupe in Mexico City. During that time, we asked God to lead us to our next business-venture, Sandi and I had always been self-employed, but this time we were looking for something that would allow me to stay home, take care of her, raise our new young family, visit our grand-children frequently, support as many charities as possible and travel. We love to travel!!! Before departing on our business trip in March 2016, we made arrangements to meet with 21 manufacturers of religious art all over Mexico. We went there and met personally with each manufacturer, inspected their warehouses, made sure they have the highest level of QC posible for all their products, and also made sure they took good care of their employees and that they support the Catholic faith. After serious consideration we settled on 7 manufacturers, assisted by 2 popular local artists we quickly developed our extensive line of original and pre-existing religious art that has become Oremus Mercy. That is how it all started on September 1, 2016. God bless all of you and thank you for your support!! The Torres family