Holy Aroma Chest (6 piece)


Fragrance: Egyptian Musk, Amber, Rose of Sharom, Honey Suckle, Lavender & Frank & Myrrh- (6/10ml bottles) set

Kind: Natural Essential Oil.

Benefits: Transform the quality of your home and office with these pleasant aromatherapy essential oils.

The classic wooden storage-chest is a great complement with any style of decor. Improve your health, increase energy, sleep better, and breathe easier.

Size: 10 ml bottles. (6 pc)

Warnings: Harmful if swallowed, avoid contact with eyes, may cause irritation or allergies, discontinue use if you notice anything wrong, Holy Aroma Essential Oils are not a remedy or cure for any illness, nor are they recommended for the treatment of any kind of medical condition, Holy Aroma Essential Oils are only intended for meditation and relaxation.

NOTE: Store at room temperature in the original bottle, away from direct sunlight to preserve the fragrance of these natural essential oils.  

Minimum 6 piece display $7.50 per (10ml) bottle  

($45.00 display) 

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