St. Martin of Tours Padded Gold Frame (17″ x 21″)


Saint Martian of Tours handcrafted Padded image.

Feast Day ~ November 11

Patronage ~ Against poverty; against alcoholism

St. Martin, called “the glory of Gaul,” was born about the year 316 of pagan parents in Sabaria, Upper Pannonia, a province comprising northern Yugoslavia and western Hungary. His father was an officer in the Roman army who had risen from the ranks. While Martin was still a child, his father was transferred to a new station in Pavia, north Italy. Here the boy learned of Christianity, felt drawn to it, and became a catechumen. As the son of a veteran, at the age of fifteen, he was required to begin service in the army. Though never shirking his military duty, he is said to have lived more like a monk than a soldier.

Measures 17″ x 21″

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