Pewter Wall Cross (16″ x10″)


Beautiful contemporary style Cross made out of pewter.

Poured by hand, one piece at a time, with a rich everlasting shine that would stand to time in any weather.

Complete with a hanging hook ready to adorn indoors-or-out.

Daly Cross great for any giving time.

Measures 16″ x 10

NOTE: At Oremus Mercy we have a very strict QC department and we only select the best of every batch for our demanding clientele, however our pewter is 100% handmade, thus you will find imperfections and flaws in every one of these unique pieces simply because every piece is handled by artisans working with rudimentary tools and artisan skills.
>The beauty of owning a handmade “artesania” is the fact that there is never 2 exactly alike.

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